Up Time Monitor: The Newest Feature in SEO Profiler


Just like with the other applications, changing and updating is needed in order to make an application be useful and essential to people. With that, SEOProfiler has added a newest feature, which is the Uptime Monitor. With the newest feature, it makes the monitoring of your services and website easier. Well, of course, this is much better than the other uptime monitor is and this addition is free for the user of SEOProfiler with paid plan. San Diego SEO company offers SEOProfiler account management services and provides complete analysis and reports for businesses located in San Diego, California.

Why Uptime Monitor is much better than the others?

When you say new features, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is to compare and ask what the difference is. Therefore, in order to answer all the questions you have in your mind, here are the following things that Up Time Monitor can offer that others cannot:

  • Monitoring of website performance

The Up Time Monitor of the SEOProfiler has the ability to check and monitor the response of time in monitored web pages. If the web page is struggling of a slow performance, the user will receive notifications.

  • Can monitor the mobile website

With newest feature of SEOProfiler, it will enable you to choose a desktop user in order to get the same outcome as the user navigating a website using mobile device. With that, you can check the desktop pages as well as mobile pages simultaneously.

  • Check the health of Googlebot

The Up Time Monitor enables to choose Googlebot user. Once performance issues occur, the Google indexing will try to access the web page and the newest feature of SEOProfiler will notify the user.

  • This can monitor the Page Content

It can monitor the pages in particular words. If there are words missing, hacker replace the content of website and if that is happens, Up Time Monitor will notify you.

  • Can monitor in a minute

This can monitor the web pages per minute depending on the SEOProfiler plan used. This is more often than the frequency of the up time monitor when checking your website. With the use of this newest tool of SE profiler, you will be notified immediately if there is problem in your site.

  • This is HTTP/2 and HTTP/HTTPS

Google preferred secured web pages and the newest Up Time Monitor supports such in order to ensure the security of site.

Just like other features in an SEOProfiler, UP Time Monitor create a report for your company. In addition, you are able to send PDF reports to your customers and provide your clients with web-based reports in order to identify and monitor their statistics and this is very useful if you provide SEO services in San Diego. This can be very helpful in every company because it can protect the professional image of a business.

The newest feature of SEOProfiler, which is Up Time Monitor, has a great beneficial to everyone and SEO San Diego was one of the very first companies to realize how important this tool is. Unlike other tools, this has the ability to make your business grow and able to have efficient process using this newest feature, the Up Time Monitor.

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